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How to Prepare for your Fitness Photography Shoot

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We love our gulf coast athletes and we want you to look your best when we photograph you. Here are some tips to make the most of your fitness photography shoot


Wear Tight athletic wear which exposes the features you’re most proud of. Bold colors show best. Black can look sleek but hides contours; if you choose black, please bring a back up outfit in case you don’t like the outcome. If you plan to wear white, please let us know ahead of time so we can plan the appropriate lighting. Note: Any clothing you plan to remove for the shoot should not be tight. The indentions left by tight clothes can take time to dissipate. Take a peek through our individual yoga poses and our Yogis of the Month for fitness photography inspiration.

Make up

We recommend light make up. We want your photos to look as natural as possible. Even out skin tones and contour your natural features. Heavy eye make up might look ridiculous paired with work out wear.


Just like make up, hair should be natural looking. Fly away hairs are a photographer’s enemy. Try to keep your mane contoured while still looking free.


For fitness photography darker skin photographs best. That’s not to say you should get a tube of body builder self tanner if you are a yogi. An airbrush spray tan can do just as well to bring out the valleys of your muscles while still maintaining a natural looking complexion.  Getting plenty of sleep the night before can pretty dramatically improve your look, especially around your eyes. Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to the shoot to keep skin healthy and vibrant.

Specific Looks

Yoga/Pilates: Come to your shoot limber and ready to pose. You know how long it takes your cold muscles to warm-up, arrive at least that early. We will have a staging area for you to get prepared.

Bodybuilding/Fitness Model: We recommend getting “dry” to eliminate as much subcutaneous water retention as possible. Do not apply baby oil as it will create overexposed highlights in your photos. We will provide posing oil if necessary. Read more here if you’ve never prepared for a show or shoot.

Milestone Moment: Bring your game face and a smile. Blast some of the music you listed to while accomplishing your goal. We want to capture that moment.


Very few people get excited about looking down the lens of a camera. Some people get down right freaked out. Fitness Photography can leave you feeling even more exposed. BUT – It is our job to capture the shot, you just need to relax and have fun. Bring the music that drives you through your toughest work outs. We’ll blast that and jam out. The more fun the experience the better your pictures will turn out.

Interested in learning about what makes fitness photography different than other niches? Check out our post: What makes Fitness Photography Different. For more general information about us and our photography sessions check out the FAQ.



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