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4 Reasons You Should Not Get Pro Photos

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We have yet to photograph a single person who was psyched to get in front of our lens. Having a big piece of glass in your face while lights are popping all around you is intimidating. Here are the 5 reasons you may be telling yourself getting a professional shot of yourself is not for you.

It Feels Vain

“Family pictures are easy to justify, wedding pictures are a no brainer, newborn photos are a must but a picture of just me showing off my athletic prowess? That feels a bit… gauche.”

I’m Not Fit Enough

“My dancer doesn’t extend as far as Jessie’s.” “My abs aren’t shredded like Hayden’s.”

What Would I do With the Pictures?

“Am I seriously going to hang a picture of myself on my wall?”

My Body/Hair/Skin Etc. Isn’t Good Enough, Yet

“I need to lose 10 more pounds.” “I need to build more muscle.”

Why You’re Wrong

In 25 years you’ll be sitting among family and friends reminiscing about your life. Whether that makes you 50 years old or 80, you probably won’t look and feel quite as awesome as you do today. As the cliche goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Will you be describing in words the time in your life when you made fitness a priority or will you be able to pull out real live concrete evidence of your accomplishment.

The trouble with predicting a peak is that you never know when it happened until it’s over. If you’re always waiting for yourself to be a little bit better before you take action, your ideal you may never come. We are, in fact, all victims of our inherent “optimism bias“.

Our last photoshoot generated thousands of social media “likes” and hundreds of uplifting and empowering comments:

Total radiance! You have to be so proud of your gorgeous self!!

You look amazing! Simply stunning!!!


Some of our subjects actually saw themselves completely differently after receiving their pictures:

They managed to see the best of me and capture it on film. I am totally impressed with the shots they captured and have been on such a high since viewing them. I have seen myself in a whole new light so to speak.


Sometimes allowing ourselves to be vulnerable opens us up to the very best experiences.

Take a chance on yourself and enter to win.

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On May 5, 2015

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